What is Affiliate Marketing?

Collaboration in sales is a kind of marketing that a third party can enter into with the introduction of services as a sales partner.Inventors can be Website owners, telegram channels, social networking sites that advertise or introduce Mahan’s services . They can send their audiences to the Mahan website and receive a commission from the sale of any services.

How To Start?


Sign up and get a dedicated link


Insert ads on the site and Social networks by you


Earn commission for you for each purchase


Receive commission after confirmation of order

How does it work and who can earn money?

Drive your users to Mahan to earn money from every successful purchase. If you have a website, blog, app, or even a Telegram or Page Instagram, you can easily earn money through the Mahan Sales Affiliate Marketing program.

  • Sign up for the Mahan Affiliate Marketing and choose from a range of export services in Mahan, or create your own special link.
  •      Advertise and redirect your users to Mahan.
  •      In case of a successful purchase, get your commission.

Benefits of Make Money From Affiliate

Unlimited income potential

No need for capital only with a site or virtual page

Customer support is not your responsibility

How much can I earn?

charge economy
$ 60 per successful sale

You will be paid $ 60 for the introduction of EMC services.

special charge
Up to 15% more commission

Get 15% for introducing other Mahan services.