Charcoal is made up of a lightweight carbon. It is produced when water and other volatile compounds of wood are destroyed. Generally, this product is produced slowly and with the loss of oxygen and excellent materials. The amount of carbon produced is very significant.

One of the benefits of burning coal is producing more heat and less ash than wood. This is also due to the lack of alleles and extra material. This causes the charcoal to burn higher and produces much less smoke. (Wood causes more smoke because of the vapor and volatile organic matter.


Estimates suggest the charcoal market is worth more than $ 6 billion. And forecasts show growth rates of more than 2%. The increasing demand for this material as a metallic fuel in the metal and mineral industries is growing dramatically. Activated charcoal, briquette, Japanese and lump have the largest share in this market.More than 67 percent of the world ‘s demand is for lump only. This is due to the high demand for burning speed and high production heat, which is very popular in the market. Demand for cooking and barbecue is also growing.


Charcoal marketing requires short and long-term strategies. Today, most companies do not focus solely on one marketing channel. Successful companies are introducing their product using mixed (digital and traditional) channels. Some companies focus on industrial uses and some focus on end-users in the field of cooking, barbecue, and leisure. You can use an export expert or marketing expert to identify and execute a strategy appropriate to your business.


Barbecue is a food tradition that is deeply rooted in the history of developed economies, such as the U.S. and Germany. The tradition has extended beyond these developed nations, to all parts of the world. With the growing interest of people in barbecued meals, the demand of barbecue fuel and accessories is on the rise.

this material increasingly being utilized as a fuel for cooking barbecued food and preferred over gas grills, as it not only provides a caramelized exterior to the food and but also lends a smoky flavor to it. Thus, the growing trend of barbequed food among people is expected to support the growth of the charcoal market during the forecast period.


Research shows that if this material made with high-quality material and used efficiently, it can play a significant role in various industries. There are various methods of quality assessment. The methods are used to determine important criteria such as the amount of heat, ash production and lighting time. Of course, proper use of advanced equipment can increase productivity.

Types of charcoal

it has different names in different countries and the type of ingredients and their shape can affect the price and quality of their burning. Types of charcoal include Common, activated, briquette charcoal Lump, Briquette sawdust, Extruded and so on. You can read more about charcoal.

Used of charcoal

coal has been used in various eras for a variety of purposes including art, medicine, chemistry, cooking and heating. But now its most important use has been metallurgical fuel. it is used as a carbon material in fuel for old train trains, for drug production, and as a coloring material. Nowadays, that is also used as a filter and a catalyst as an adsorbent.


Many people use charcoal, especially briquette, for vacations and barbecues. It is also used to make  chicken or fish kebabs by the beach or in the courtyard of restaurants.

Charcoal for grills

Coals suitable for gravel should be able to produce heat and good lighting for a long time. those that do not smoke or smell and do not use chemicals are very popular and popular. See this article for the best charcoal grill.


Activated charcoal powder is used in emergency rooms for overdose cases. Black powder prevents the absorption of toxins in the stomach. This powder is generally used as a pill .Other uses can be found in the Charcoal Use article.

Deforestation of producing countries

Different uses of coal have caused many forests to be destroyed. For this reason, many countries have imposed many bans on coal production. However, Brazil and Sweden are recognized as coal-producing countries. Of course, East Asian countries are also currently producing stacked coal due to weather conditions.

Briquette charcoal brands

Many producers in different countries are creating their own brand of coal. But in the meantime, American coals are very famous. This will create more added value for American manufacturers. The most prominent brands include Weber charcoal and kingsford charcoal.

Wholesale of charcoal

Various producers around the world are producing coal. Technological growth and the number of forest reserves in each country have increased competition in charcoal production. The wholesale price of it varies from country to country. The type of ingredients and packaging and the place of production and branding can be very influential in pricing. You can ask for the wholesale price of charcoal.

Charcoal sale near me

If you are looking for a charcoal store and you want to find the right charcoal supplier you can go to Amazon or Wal-Mart or local stores to sell it. You can get help from Mahan for (major ) wholesale charcoal sales.

Prices of charcoal

The price of this product can vary by country, ingredients and brand value. Countries with large forests have imported advanced equipment. Sufficient timber resources and easy access to pricing are crucial. Brazil, Malaysia, China, Holland, Sweden, are countries that offer reasonable prices. The wholesale price of this product ranges from 0.5 to $ 3.5. But the retail price is between $ 1 and $ 4.9 per kg. To find out the price of your product in a foreign market you can use Mahan Price Discovery Service.

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