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Develop your export unit with Mahan Export Expert. Expert export prices and tariffs are listed below.

Expert export price

Study the properties of each package and select the package you need.


Answer your questions about Mahan Export Services

If you have a definite decision to start exporting. Yes, this service will help you make smart decisions. And avoid wasting time and money.

Export marketing should be done by an export expert. Export planning and identifying export and marketing methods are important. For many startups and businesses, recruiting is costly. Mahan Export Expert Services can address this challenge.

This service means using the successful experience of others in exporting goods and services.
You need a team to chart your goals in the complex international marketplace and choose the path to success. The expert provides the necessary guidance in choosing marketing and evaluation methods.

Your business information is being analyzed. Appropriate marketing and marketing techniques will be provided to you, and eventually reports will be reviewed. We are with you step by step.

The export cost is divided into two parts.

1 monthly or annual cost of export expert (Expert export price)

2 Costs related to the services required for your project (evaluation or marketing services)

Packages are monthly and have a specific time / task.
Each month you are allowed to use up to a maximum of time specified in each package, such as 1 hour
If you need more time per month you can charge it.
If you have hours left at the end of each month. Its duration becomes zero and is not transmitted to the following month.