Export Commission Agent

with Export Commission Agent, Imagine how much your business can grow.

Mahan is an accelerator of business exports. No matter how hard you have to deal with foreign buyers. This place is the place where communications are made, decisions are made. Contracts are signed. And customers are always at your fingertips. With Mahan , you will experience best-selling.

customers for you in any country ,city , industry

195 countries
26836 city
26 industry
2349 product

All Your Marketing Services In One Place!

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Our email marketing campaigns are flexible and intuitive, which allows us to quickly and easily connect with real merchants and expedite branding and product sales.

+195 country
20% engagement
Exclusive Design
Contact with business owners

Marketer Network
Marketer Network
A powerful network of indigenous marketers specializing in various will help us in the shortest time introduce your products as best we can.

+55 country
Product specialist
Native and expereienced
high success rates

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing
The first SMS marketing system with a dedicated merchant database around the world is ready to introduce your products.

+85 country
10% engagement
+26 industry
Competitive Pricing

CALL Marketing
CALL Marketing
The sound of your brand, miraculously made by a team of sales experts in a friendly tone.

+70 country
15% engagement
%91 Lead Qualification
High Success rates

How Producers Use the ECA Service

Manage Marketing Costs

This service will help to sme companies with small-budget .Companies can overcome the budget challenges in marketing their business.The marketing units of the companies use this service to expand their marketing coverage at the lowest cost.

Reliable Communication

small and start-ups companies use Mahan’s services to build trust in the customer. Using native specialists, producers get a positive opinion of distributors and business owners on their products.

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Understand who are the best customers for your product

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Monitor the marketing process for proper use of your brand to protect your Intellectual Property, trademarks, and pricing strategy

Self Testing


Test your product features and properties in any city in the world and get feedback.

The Advantages of Export Commission Agent  Service

Buyer's Database

Buyer's database

Easily deliver your message to the real buyer, various industries, five continents, an upgraded database

Native Marketer

Native marketer

Use the native marketers in each area at the lowest cost to market your products.

Advanced Marketing Dashboard

Advanced Marketing Dashboard

Speed up your marketing project with an experienced team without complexity.

Extensive Product Coverage

Extensive product coverage

A powerful network of experts and databases will help you to market and sell any product anywhere.

Access To Distributors

Access to Distributors

Our database of local distributors in each country will help you easily access local distributors.

Fair Commission

Fair commission

With a fair and decent commission, save on your marketing resources.

Professional Support

Professional support

24/7 support from business owners and suppliers of goods and services

Geo Distribution

Geo distribution

Find a customer in any country, city, or industry

Why should you export with Mahan?


With the help of years of successful business in the global market, we have been able to establish lasting relationships with other traders in the world. based on the business relationship and Relying on the contact details of businessmen gathered in various industries, we have connect with them, we can sell your products and services to buyers and merchants interested in any area in the shortest time.

Fix Payment + %Commission Agreement

Export Commission Agent


After we receive your product information, we will evaluate it. Based on the evaluated information, we start marketing your products with digital and traditional marketing tools. We send clear messages to our customers around the world. We receive feedback and transfer orders to you.

What Is The Commission Agreement?

After receiving the order from the buyer and after your confirmation, the commission will be determined by mutual agreement.The percentage of commission per order is based on the agreement in the following framework.

2-10% 5-15%
Agriculture food products
Medicines construction
Petrochemicals clothing and apparel
Raw Materials electronic tools
Industrial equipment Handicrafts and carpets

Other products not included in this category are based on a commission available on the market.

ECA Pro Pricing

Find the plan that’s best for you:

Basic Plan

$359 billed 3month
Save $30/3month

no minutes of Telemarketing

300 numbers of SMS

3000 numbers of  Email marketing

No marketer in person

3 Meeting with customer

6 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 1 customer

Cost Saved1535$

Economy Plan

$809 billed 3month
Save $88/3month

600 minutes of Telemarketing

900 numbers of SMS

4500 numbers of  Email marketing

No marketer in person

6 Meeting with customer

12 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 2 customer

Cost Saved3480$

VIP Plan

$1349 billed 3month
Save $148/3month

1200 minutes of Telemarketing

1500 numbers of SMS

6000 numbers of  Email marketing

marketer in person

9 Meeting with customer

24 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 3 customer

Cost Saved5240 $

Basic Plan

$1199 billed 3month
Save $349/year

no minutes of Telemarketing

1200 numbers of SMS

12000 numbers of  Email marketing

No marketer in person

12 Meeting with customer

24 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 4 customer

Cost Saved15350$

Economy Plan

$2869 billed 3month
Save $719/year

2400 minutes of Telemarketing

3600 numbers of SMS

18000 numbers of  Email marketing

No marketer in person

24 Meeting with customer

48 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 8 customer

Cost Saved34800$

VIP Plan

$4789 billed 3month
Save $1119/year

4800 minutes of Telemarketing

6000 numbers of SMS

24000 numbers of  Email marketing

marketer in person

36 Meeting with customer

96 hours of Negotiating

Introducing 12 customer

Cost Saved52400 $

Frequently Asked Questions

After we receive your information, it takes between 2 and 3 months to find the product customer.

Mahan introduces your products to active traders based on the selected service. After receiving feedback, interested parties enter into negotiations on the terms of sale of the product. If the merchant agrees to request the product under the default conditions, there is no need for the manufacturer to attend the meetings. (Reducing business expenses). But if the buyer of the goods has an appointment with the supplier or the manufacturer of the goods, we will forward this request to you and decide on your opinion.

First, we provide initial advice based on your country of origin and your requests. After reviewing the terms of goods and business, we choose the best countries to expedite the sale of goods. But the final decision maker is the manufacturer.

Our Required Information From Manufacturer:

Catalogs, photos of products with competitive advantage, competitive advantages of goods compared to other competitors, prices and promotions, certificates and product licenses

Mahan holds a large collection of merchant information in different areas and is closely related to many of these merchants.
Your product information will be sent to the merchants in the desired countries in the form of email, SMS and telephone marketing.