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There are countless questions about exporting your products and services? No matter how complex these questions are. This is where you can get answers to your questions. Our experts, with many years of experience, are at your side.
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What we do
We help you make decision making easier by providing practical guidance in areas such as pricing, licensing, packaging and marketing, and more. This allows you to protect your capital.
Mahan Consulting Services is a system based on business experiences of experts in the field of marketing and export. At mahan, with the help of up-to-date databases and application data, we help you clear the shadows inside your mind and make decision making even easier.
Mahan gives advice on what areas?
  • Export packing
  • Customs clearance
  • Market assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Customs rules
  • Export process
  • B2B marketing
  • General business questions
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The questions are minor, not general,
as in the example below
What is my product tariff code?
What is the price of my commodity on the market?
What is the required certificate of my product?