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Export Expert Service

Business Development in the Era of Exports

Many businesses today are struggling to export their product to new markets. The opportunities and benefits of the export market have encouraged entrepreneurs to seek new markets for their products. But figuring out the best marketing method for finding the right customer and choosing the right country has become their biggest challenge. Mahan’s Export Expert Service with the offering necessary guidance helps you in resolving challenges and crises.

Mahan Export Expert Service Features

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international business

Export Development

Experience and expertise in international trade and business will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your export management system and develop exports. Get it working.


Manage reports and messages

The expert evaluates reports and messages from all directions. So you can make the best decisions that will deliver the best results for your business.

start up

Accelerate exports

Experts help you speed up decision-making to take solid steps. You will also be able to shorten the time to get results.

Overcoming the challenges of exporting

Many business owners face various challenges in exporting their products, such as target country selection, understanding of customer behavior, negotiation, the most efficient ways to find customers, and recognizing competitive advantages and licenses and certifications. These challenges are very complex and costly for startups that do not have export units. You need a consistent and experienced team to access the global market on a large scale.

کارشناس بازاریابی

Grow faster

Business owners use different strategies to find a foreign customer for their product. Choosing the wrong strategies and misunderstanding the export methods can be confusing, frustrating, costly, and prolonging the export process. Mahan Exports Expert Service introduces efficient evaluation and marketing methods to achieve goals in the shortest time possible by reviewing product conditions and challenges ahead.

delegating tasks

Reduce staff

Outsourcing export management to expert and experienced specialists reduces marketing budgets, helping businesses overcome the challenges of hiring, insurance, tax, force management and more.


Reduce decision time

With the help of an export expert, you can improve the decision making time for choosing the best marketing techniques, evaluating feedback, analyzing customer behavior, and implementing your marketing strategy.

risk managment

Leadership in the competition

Choosing the right and effective marketing tools that are optimized and executed with your business conditions enhances your position in competition with your competitors. And It increases your market share dramatically.

Expert export measures

Mahan Export Expert will answer your questions by providing the necessary guidance and Strategy.
Self Testing

Providing export solutions

Which export methods and tools are right for our business?


Buyer's Database

Analysis of marketing reports

What is the status of the business and what is the next step?


Event Planning

How events can bring us closer to our goals


Sales Intelligence

Reduce export time and cost

How can we achieve our goals quickly with limited budgets?


Extensive Product Coverage


How to improve our customers’ perception of our product?


Advanced Marketing Dashboard

Outline a marketing plan

How to figure out where we are, what we have where to go and how to go.


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Report execution and analysis

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