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How to Export to china ?

Export to china : China is known as the largest and most populous country in the world. With its ambitious plans, China has become one of the key economic pillars of the world. The Chinese Communist Party holds the country’s grand decision. However, there are still concerns about intellectual property rights and subsidies and debt growth in China. But China’s growth path is still on the rise. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) calls for ambitious policy reforms in order to “comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society” by doubling 2010 GDP and per capita incomes by 2020. This will require China to maintain an average of 6.5% annual GDP growth over the plan’s five-year period (2016-2020). This means inflation and the increase in the purchase of goods in China can be interpreted.

Export to China
top 5 trading partners of china

Biggest countries exporter to china

num countries value
1 Korea, Republic of 204 B
2 Japan 180 B
3 Taipei, Chinese 177 B
4 United States of America 156 B
5 German 106 B
top 5 trading partners of china

Biggest countries importer from china

num countries value
1 United States of America 479 B
2 Hong Kong, China 302 B
3 Japan 147 B
4 Korea, Republic of 109 B
5 Viet Nam 84 B
Best china export goods

china's Top 5 Exports

HS CODE countries value
851712 Telephone sets 240 B
847130 Automatic data-processing 154 B
851770 Electronic integrated circuits 84 B
847330 accessories processing machines 45 B
2710 Petroleum oils 35 B
Best china imports goods

china's Top 5 Imports

HS CODE countries value
854231 Electronic integrated 312 B
270900 Petroleum oils 239 B
260111 Iron ores 75 B
2711 Petroleum gas 50 B
8703 Motor cars 49 B
Marketing methods in china

Marketing in china

Personal relationships (guanxi in Chinese) in business are critical in China. Guanxi is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and a necessary tool for getting things done. sometimes take many months to develop relationships . This is a cultural difference that all companies should be aware of; personal relationships can be just as important if not more so than legal contracts. They prefer to have Chinese support and training centers and labels are packages and tests in Chinese. Using Chinese language can be a pleasure for them.

Export to China
Challenges to Export to china

Market Challenges china

China is a challenging place to do business. However, bureaucratic changes are taking place in China. But the creation of a business in China leads to more than 11 methods in Shanghai and Beijing, and it takes more than 30 days.

The biggest concern of foreign companies is the non-competitive environment between foreign and domestic companies. One of these causes is the granting of subsidies, which is due to the presence of local governments in companies. China continues to pursue industrial policies aimed at limiting market access to imported goods, foreign manufacturers, and foreign service providers.

Trade opportunities with china

Market Opportunities china

China’s middle class is strengthening. Enhancing the empowered segment in China expands the level of product access. This helps large and medium-sized companies deliver their high-quality goods and services on the market. Because in low-priced goods competition is very tense.

Some of the important sectors of activity are: tourism, luxury goods, automotive and consumer-based industries that are growing and e-commerce.

Pricing in the china market

Chinese consumers have demonstrated a willingness to pay a significantly higher price for products that provide a sense of prestige and sophistication. Most Chinese consumers are highly sensitive to price. Industrial and government procurement purchasing decisions are often focused primarily around price points and less around product and service quality. With carefully packaged service programs, however, Chinese industrial buyers can be convinced to pay a premium for higher quality products. Attractive export/import financing programs can also be an important tool for exporters.

Trade restrictions in the china market

Trade restrictions

China is a member of the World Trade Organization. But it supports its industries by providing subsidies and government support and investment constraints and technology transfer. These constraints have to add to intellectual property problems. China has limited its limitations on rare earths so that domestic producers can earn more. Rare soils are used in the manufacture of batteries and cell phones and other products. China has about 30 percent of global deposits of rare earths but accounts for more than 90 percent of production.

Export Controls are administered and enforced by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), the Chinese Customs Bureau and the State Council and Central Military Commission.

china agreements and international agreements

China has bilateral investment agreements with over 100 countries and economies, including Austria, the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. China maintains 14 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with its trade and investment partners, and is negotiating or implementing an additional eight FTAs. China’s FTA partners are ASEAN, Singapore, Pakistan, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. China has also recently signed FTAs with Korea and Australia, both of which include a chapter on investment.

The strategy for entering the china market

Prior to joining the Chinese market, you should be aware of the opportunities and resources of the company, and consider them.

Representatives in China are represented by the Chinese agent, distributors or partners who can provide the essential local information and communication they need to succeed.

Access to the Chinese market after protecting intellectual property rights through corporate registration and digital and traditional marketing is possible.

We can connect you to the market in the shortest time.

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