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How to Export to USA ?

Export to USA : The United States is the largest economy in terms of gross domestic product. America’s gross domestic product is over $ 19 trillion and China is on the rise with $ 12 trillion. Exports of goods and services in the US are over 2.4 trillion dollars. US business relations are suited to many countries around the world. America’s support for developing countries, including India, helps exporters to be exempted from customs tariffs. The US population is more than 324 million and is known as a consumer country. Access to the US market can affect the progress of each company. Access to financial resources and banking and monetary instruments in the United States can play a vital role in expanding your business.

Export to USA
top 5 trading partners of USA

Biggest countries exporter to USA

num countries value
1 China 562 B
2 Mexico 349 B
3 Canada 325 B
4 Japan 146 B
5 German 128 B
top 5 trading partners of USA

Biggest countries importer from USA

num countries value
1 Canada 298 B
2 Mexico 265 B
3 China 120 B
4 Japan 74 B
5 United kingdom 66 B
Best USA export goods

USA's Top 5 Exports

HS CODE countries value
271019 Medium oils 54 B
270900 Petroleum oils 47 B
271012 Light oils 39 B
710812 Gold 20 B
Best USA imports goods

USA's Top 5 Imports

HS CODE countries value
270900 Petroleum oils 163 B
870323 Motor cars 105 B
300490 Medicaments 56 B
851712 Telephones 53 B
851762 Machines 47 B
Marketing methods in USA

Marketing in USA

The US sales market is heavily influenced by social networks, direct marketing, online shopping and television advertising. The Internet penetration rate in the United States is high. However, in order to penetrate the US market on a large scale, you need to work with America’s leading stores and distributors. Providing good profit margins to stores can facilitate the penetration of your products on the market. Remember that a significant portion of the American population is made up of immigrants from Spanish to African and Asian. It gives a unique opportunity to any business to try to influence different cultures. Participation in environmental and humanitarian events can have a special impact on your business.

Export to USA
Challenges to Export to USA

Market Challenges USA

The current challenge in the US market is tariffs. Donald Trump’s government seeks to increase the share of American companies in other economies by raising tariffs. A challenge that will take place in the short term and will eventually be overcome. But the main challenge for exporters is to compete with America. The US market is very diverse and has witnessed the widespread presence of companies from around the world. In the past decade, commodity prices have become more important for American consumers. Qualitative and sanitary rules should also be taken into account by exporters in the United States. Although the US market is very competitive, there are countless opportunities in the American economy.

Trade opportunities with USA

Market Opportunities USA

The use of electronic equipment and low-cost in America is growing. The arrival of mechanical devices, pharmaceuticals and food in America is growing. Different ethnicities in the United States have created a variety of demands. Access to e-commerce tools and the presence of large online and physical stores provide a way to product development. The statement that the presence in the US market paves the way for your product to be present in other countries is very useful. Check your country’s strategic agreements with the United States. Many countries are allowed to export goods with very low tariffs and taxes. Also, exports of goods to the US through a third country should also be investigated.

Pricing in the USA market

America’s market is very big. America has a business deal with many countries in the world. Many exporters choose their first destination in the United States. So you should expect the presence of many powerful competitors on this market. This makes pricing policies extremely difficult and competitive. If your country has a trade agreement with the United States, the tariff level is less for you than some competitors. Prices should be based on shipping and marketing costs and sales taxes in each state. Exporters should consider the laws of the states in their sales plans.

Trade restrictions in the USA market

Trade restrictions

Remember, America is not a national market but a federal system. Each state, as a separate entity, has a set of rules and guidelines that you must act on. You must prepare a plan for the sale of your products based on business conditions in the state. Contracting in the United States due to its complexity requires the help of a lawyer to remove you from the wrong contract. Exports of pharmaceutical and food products need obtaining their own licenses. Activities in the field of arms and defense are subject to special restrictions and are enforceable either in government or solely by American citizens.

USA agreements and international agreements

The United States has a free trade agreement. The agreement includes more than 20 countries. Countries such as Australia Bahrain Chile Colombia Israel Jordan South Korea Morocco Oman Panama Peru Singapore Mexico Canada Brazil. The agreement essentially releases tariffs on both sides. America is a member of the World Trade Organization. And has, with many countries around the world, strategic and bilateral agreements. Each exporter should receive updated information from the Ministry of Commerce.

The strategy for entering the USA market

You need to have a comprehensive strategy to act on the US market. Digital marketing is very effective in the US market. Collaboration with large stores such as Amazon can be an important step for you. But before doing anything, consider the cost of working with such stores.

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