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Robot Boosters Instagram Mahan is a plan to help individuals and businesses to increase followers and marketing on Instagram to sell products. The Mahan Robot will allow your audience to identify and attract recruiting positions based on hashtags (eg, their place of living or activity), or the pages of people they follow. For example, if you are looking for women who They live in New York and are active on the pages of the mesons and actors, or if you are looking for a Chinese customer, you can easily capture their pages by setting up a few options on the robot and present their products for sale. All settings are handy and you can plan them in any way. In addition, you can send a message to anyone who follows you and run the marketing process of your product professionally. You can also post from the inside of the site by scheduling on your Instagram page.

FAQ Instagram Robot

When you sign up, you’ll set up your Instagram account. Our specialists optimize your robot based on your business and goals, as announced by you. Optimization is the choice of hashtags and countries and audiences you desire. Get the best feedback. We also offer you various suggestions to make great and great feedback.
You can see the growth of your business at any time in the panel.

It really varies by each account. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content and to the right audience, you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers. At the end of the day, it’s up to the user whether or not they choose to follow you. We can’t guarantee any specific number of followers and please don’t believe any company who says they can- it’s just not possible.

Yes! Having worked with thousands of brands and company across various industries, the Mahan service works for any account that has an audience on Instagram.

There is a lot to be said for social proof on Instagram. Nowadays, you could have the best product in the world, but if you only have a few hundred followers you will lose credibility.

Good question! The reason over 3,500 brands and company have chosen to work with us is because we focus on getting you organic followers that are genuinely interested in your brand. We have a proprietary set of filters that make sure we only engage with real users – none of those spam or fake accounts that end up disappearing after a few weeks.Plus, our Customer Success team actually responds! You can rest easy knowing that you can reach out to someone anytime with questions.

Yes . You can attract real followers in different ways. Submit motivational comments. Like and introduce your brand. Our marketing specialists will also help you to do all this in a safe and intelligent way.

How do I get started…

To get started, first sign up and activate your account on the robot. After that, select the users you want. These people can be celebrities and brands. Select the speed of the robot and turn on the robot.

Yes . You can try all of the robot’s features for free.

We work with a  Social Media Managers, PR companies, and Digital Agencies.Contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.

No, at this time, we do not offer posting content for our clients.Posting content for clients is just too subjective. No one knows your brand voice better than you. You focus on posting high-quality content and your robot focus on bringing the right people to your page.

Yes sure! Our tool can help you expand your cross-border business. Just select your country and city and choose your goals.

Contact us if you have any problems and questions through the communication systems in the Mahan site.

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