Frequently Asked Questions

In Mahan, time is critical. Regarding this, we have been working with the support unit to collect a set of common questions that you dearly associate with us, so that the response process is shortened and we can do our best to satisfy your loved ones.

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The platform is very simple and works like a project management software.
You can get information or upload it.
You can register support ticketing.
You can add service requests.
And the advantage is that all of these services are available in a very simple language
If you have a problem, please send us a message in the form below of this page or in the ticker section of the platform.

How to work with the system?

To get started, fill out your basic information in an accurate and complete account. Then, after entering the export platform for blue rabbits, you will be informed of the type of service you are requesting to provide. You can import your desired documents into the export platform.

What documents should I provide?

After purchasing services and providing access to the platform, the Project Manager section of the Blue Rabbit export platform activates your access project. Once you have logged in to your project section, you can download the documentation that is required for your services in the relevant section.

How to enter information system?

To register on the Blue Rabbit export platform, you must first register the link below as a user and then select and buy the service you want from the link below. Once you purchase the service, your access to the rabbit export platform is activated.

How to register in the system?

If you would like to grant your own brand representation in Iran and create sales centers, you can provide agency services.
Mahan can manage your establishment, monitoring, and financial events as your representative in Iran.
This will reduce your costs significantly.
You can also eliminate legal barriers to employment and government permits through the Mahan.
Mahan can also be a major part of the activity and mission of your talks in the Iranian market.

Establishment of a Distribution Center in Iran

To get started, first select the kind of service and deposit it. The Mahan team then announces the strategy of advertising your products.
Your confirmation will begin. And the process of attracting buyers will begin. In the field of selling your product in the Iranian market, you first select the product sales service, then send the product information in your platform section. Mahan will send you the workflow.

How to start advertising and selling our products?

The Customer Relations Center of Mahan Commercial Services is created and ready to serve in order to answer the questions of colleagues and customers and receive feedback from the export activities. For this you can send your questions, comments and complaints to different channels and get the answers as quickly as possible.

Email [email protected]

Phone 982833367437

Connect with online services

Support system (ticker)

Social Networks

To get answers to your questions you can use the channels above based on your questions.

Remember, people who use Mahan Commercial Services should ask questions through the support system or from within the blue rabbit export platform.

You can get answers from your online support or social networks to get your questions promptly.

Keep in mind the title of your question clearly so that experts can quickly answer your questions.

Answering is possible by phone only at office hours

How to contact experts؟

Announcements are announced in two parts:

Notices about Mahan Commercial Services are available to Mahan’s trading platform or via email.

Announcements for export colleagues and ambassadors are available through the export ambassadors page.

Global announcements are posted on the global announcement page.

How to get notifications?

To evaluate your customer in Iran, just send us your customer information.
We will send you our own evaluation.

How to evaluate my customer in Iran?

You will need to send an email to the market for the product you need. Send us your product specification and payment type and incoterms.
We will provide you the best price and customer.

How to buy the item from the Iranian market?

Mahan will play an important role in participating in major exhibitions in Iran and planning to invite major buyers.
You just need to send us an email or buy the service you want to attend, so that Mahan experts contact you.
Mahan gets a booth for you at a much lower cost. If you want to design your own decor in Iran, you can help Mahan Sense

Participate in exhibitions

Have a question?

We tried to answer the most commonly asked questions from our colleagues in this collection. If you have not answered your questions, you can click on the blue button via the online response system and ask us 24 hours a day.
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