Market presence in the target country with feasibility

With Feasibility Services you get a good understanding of packaging conditions, export licenses, required certificates, competitors list, payment terms, market share analysis and dozens more. Strong evaluation of the target market will multiply your chances of success.

Purpose of Feasibility Services

Getting accurate information on licenses and certificates required, checking market share and powerful competitors, knowing the types of payment methods, and terms of packaging and labeling for more sales or exporting goods is crucial. Therefore, Mahan with the help of its specialists and databases, examines the target market and assesses the conditions and requirements for entering that market. Mahan Feasibility Services helps you do the business with the right knowledge to grow and grow your business.

Mahan how the feasibility study?

Using our international consultants and partners, we analyze the market conditions and execute a series of commercial measures to evaluate the feasibility of entering your product into the target country and present you with the best market and entry conditions.

Feasibility Services
What are the benefits of feasibility services?
  • Reduce business risk
  • Choosing the best target market
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Understand competitors and their business strategies
  • Awareness of business threats and risks
  • Increase marketing and branding efficiency
The most important steps in serving the feasibility of your product
  • Check your competitors' product market
  • Check the volume of import and export
  • Insurance and transportation analysis
  • Develop a proper market entry strategy
  • Terms of licenses and certificates
  • Check tariffs and taxes
  • Check packaging and design rules
target market

Special Features Feasibility

We have provided special features in the feasibility packages

hand with cash

Usual Payment Terms

Select the right options with the information on common target payment terms in the target market.


Check security measures

Manage your business risk in the target country by staying safe and secure by analyzing the security and safety requirements.


Labeling and packaging evaluation

Be a few steps ahead of your competitors by knowing the packaging mechanism


Market Stock Analysis

By analyzing competitors’ market shares, you can discover golden opportunities in the market.

How can I check my products with Mahan?

Select services

Select any of the plan Feasibility Services you want to get information from.

Access Panel

After purchase, you will be given access to Mahan’s trading system panel and you will be able to submit your product information to Mahan.


Get a report

Using our colleagues and experts, Mahan reviews your products and introduces the target country with a special report.