Google AdWords Advertising Feature

Multiply your sales in a single day by clicking on Google AdWords

The world’s largest search engine is Google. Google has 3.5 billion searches a day. Some of these searchers are looking for your services and products. With clickable Google ads, you can easily expose yourself to these people. But you should know that without enough experience and expertise, Google advertising is just a waste of money. If your Google AdWords ad is to be effective and cost effective, you definitely need a skilled team. Mahan can help you with this.


Share ads at the top of the page


Click-to-Sell Ratio


Average user clicks


Averages average return

How Google Ads Work

How does it cost per click on Google AdWords?

Pay the second price

You pay as much as the previous person.


Auction for the position

Competing with others determines your position.


The importance of quality

The quality of your advertising is also effective. Write any more competitive text. Your chances are greater.


Price impact

The price per click depends on your bid in the auction and starts at 1 cents per click.

Google AdWords Mahan Advertising feature

Why Google Advertising With Mahan?

We care about the efficiency of your Google ads.

Send statistics to Analytics

If you are analyzing your website with Analytics, you will have access to the exact AdWords stats.

to do

Ongoing advertising review

We regularly review your ad status and make sure it has the best possible settings and quality.

Advanced Marketing Dashboard

Provide a separate account

If needed, we can set up a dedicated AdWords account for you and do marketing and advertising on this account.

Professional Support

Strong support

We will respond to your inquiries from 9am to 5pm by ticket, phone.


Ad text optimization

For your business, we write text for advertising that will both increase sales and reduce advertising costs.


Expand Keywords

We will be with you in selecting the best and most effective keywords and carefully developing them.


Create ad groups

If your services / products are different, we will also target keywords with separate ads and pages.

international business

Manually set prices

To avoid paying extra, we will set all your prices manually and not automatically.

Optimize your Google ad title

We're writing a great promotional text for you

Add Benefits

In the Business Benefits section, we highlight your features and strengths over competitors.

video chat

Add features

In the features section, we can introduce your partner’s products, services, brands or….

Extensive Product Coverage

Add site links

In the landing pages section, we can give your product page to the audience.

SMS Marketing

Add contact number

By adding a phone number, users will call you faster (on the phone, with the push of a button).

Which Google AdWords advertising package is right for you?

We have a variety of packages for you. You can outsource your advertising management to our experts, or just create a dedicated account and charge it for you. If you do not have a website to offer your campaign, we still have special services for you. Google’s advertising feature allows you to market with any budget. If your keywords are highly competitive, we suggest larger packages. But if there is little competition for your keywords, our smaller Google ad packages will also be right for you.

How do I start?


On the Tariffs page, select and purchase a Google advertising package based on your needs.

Upload information

Upload the required information after logging into the Mahan panel.

Receiving reports

Receive and view reports and login information for your Google Account.

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