Marketing booster

With booster, you can now get the most experienced marketers in over 15 countries in the Middle East at the lowest price and introduce your products and services more quickly to the 400 million market.

Why Marketing booster?

The attraction and management of a marketer require massive costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. Mahan has been able to reduce marketing costs in the Middle East by building a robust network of proficient marketers. bm makes it possible for you to have experienced marketers for your products with small budgets throughout the Middle East.

Want more control?

Mahan’s trading platform connects you to all marketers in the area. You can follow the marketing progress reports of your products closely.

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Advantages of Marketing Booster

Mahan Special Service Feature

Learn more about Mahan Export System.

Finding the real customere

With a decade of experience in Middle Eastern markets, we know the best way to introduce your products. Good presentation, good customer

Reducing marketing costs

We simplify the complexities of recruiting power, work laws, and bureaucracy so you can save thousands of dollars of marketing costs in each country.

Sales volume
We present your business to the leading distributors and buyers of the chain stores that are in contact with us to get more share.

More features

Customer Validation

We introduce the customers after reviewing and confirming their financial and business reputation for making your transactions more secure and protected.

Reducing legal risk

By providing advice and guidance on each country’s legal and customary laws, we cover you against potential legal risks and problems.

Receiving reports

View reports, events, and information in the Mahan system. You can access this data online from anyplace in the world at any time.

Customer retention

With long-term contracts, keep your customers always fresh and accessible.

Be quick

With Booster marketing, enter the market faster than your competitors.

Permissions and packaging

Facilitate and smooth the mechanism of packing and obtaining permits based on our experiences.

How to start?

Access to the Middle East market is just 3 steps!

Step One

Buy the marketing platform package

Get the basic package in the first step. If you want a quicker customer attraction process, get the Buster package as well.

Step Two

Upload information

Fill the purchase form and after approving the order, enter the Mahan Trading System and upload your company information and products.

Step Three

Follow the reports and developments.

According to the timing of each project, you will be presented with reports and marketing results in the panel. You can stay in touch with the experts in your dashboard.

Join the big Mahan family now and start exporting.

1 /Month


Marketer in the Middle East
Accelerate in absorption
Presence in 15 countries
Close competition
Wide access

Monthly 649 Euro