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In marketing the choice of methods requires deep knowledge of market behavior. Apply knowledge to get tangible results.
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If you want to get into marketing and sales, your main concern is the lack of understanding of market relationships and how marketing processes are implemented. Many companies or individuals who want to expand their product market do not know how to use their resources efficiently and save money and time. Success is not possible without market understanding.
We help you run advertising campaigns and motivate customers.

Mahan Marketing Expert Services helps you to map your marketing plan. Provides marketing processes and goals that need to be specified for advertising. If you do not know where and how to get started selling, Mahan Marketing Expert is the best choice.

Note: The responsibility of our marketer is to guide you in designing and selecting the right marketing tools and to assist with the analysis and feedback, and is not responsible for marketing.

Make a package first. Then upload your product information to the panel. Basic information includes photos and product prices. Leave the rest to the experts.

Your product marketing expert will review. It will tell you what to do. It monitors and reports on the marketing process. The step-by-step expert will be by your side.

The expert allocation cost for managing your product marketing is divided into two parts.

1 Marketing Expert Price (Monthly or Annually)

2 Services for marketing by experts to be announced.

Packages are monthly and have a specific time / task.
Each month you are allowed to use up to a maximum of time specified in each package, such as 1 hour
If you need more time per month you can charge it.
If you have hours left at the end of each month. Its duration becomes zero and is not transmitted to the following month.