Make Marketing More Effective!

With the marketing package, get the market in less time.

If you’re having trouble finding the right marketing tool or marketing budget. The marketing package is the best tool available to get you to your goals.

کارشناس بازاریابی ماهان
target market

What is a Marketing Package?

If you are the manager of a business or a supplier of goods and you are hesitant to choose which marketing tools can bring you closer to your goals, you can use marketing packages.
Marketing packages shorten the entry process of your goods to the market (domestic and international) by eliminating the decision-making processes for selecting marketing tools. Our marketing tools will find your customers.

Why Marketing Packages Have Amazing Results?

Marketing packages are designed and implemented based on up-to-date strategies across the world and are targeted at the target community. Faster, more efficient and smarter you can implement your marketing plan.
Imagine how time consuming it is to choose marketing and targeting tools and combine them with other tools. While our specialists can execute the strategy in the shortest time with the highest standard.
Marketing packages are a set of marketing tools that are equipped with databases of foreign customers and buyers. These packages help you to best present and market your products in a timely manner to international customers and find your customer in the shortest time possible.

The benefits of working with Mahan packages

The use of Mahan packages is very suitable for individuals and SME companies, and it helps business grow.
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Accurate budget adjustment

Choose your marketing method based on your budget and enjoy it.


Increase sales

Increase your sales in the fastest time and grow.


customer information

You will receive your customer contact information at the end of marketing.


Contract of sale

Sign the contract with the introduced customers.

Features of marketing packages

Which packages are right for businesses?


Advanced design involves using in-person marketers and texting your potential customers, which shortens your time to reach your goals and brings you closer to your customers faster than other ways. This package is suitable for medium and large businesses or industrial products.



The economic package targets your customers in different countries. This package helps you potentially have daily and weekly customers. They are also more likely to have monthly contracts.


Basic and standard

These packages are suitable for workshops and individuals who face budget constraints and are looking for a customer for their product. . Depending on the priority of your time or budget, you can choose any package and enter into the final negotiation with your customers after the marketing is over.

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