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Mahan has 5 partners in many continents in various fields of business, manufacturing and services. The philosophy of cooperation in Mahan is based on the principle of honesty. We try to provide the best service in Mahan by creating a bridge across the world and creating a secure platform for business. In this list, we introduce some of our customers and some of our colleagues to get you familiar with some of these colleagues.

The most famous

Who works with Mahan?

Some of Mahan’s colleagues, including small business units to large units who have partnered with us.

AND More than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies

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sell your product!

Demand for new and high quality products is on the rise. Also, the competitive price in the local market can complete your entry strategy. The presence in each market requires its own sales strategy. For sale in the global market you need an expert team.

Talks, awesome
By experienced team.

With the help of experienced and expert teams in the field of international negotiations, Mahan accompanies you with a final and profitable contract. In the 5 continents of the world, we are ready to provide diverse services in international trade.

With Mahan collection.

You can export/import your goods through international Mahan partners around the world. Also, do not worry about getting your money. Mahan 0-100 covers your exports and imports.


Activity in the field
-Packing and clothes

Learn how to integrate existing strategies, start your own export process, and get new customers for your products.

The best part about using quality clothing is that you can detect it from the rest of the products in less than 30 seconds.

Some of our partner brands

Do not worry

We are everywhere.

We provide services in many countries of the world with an unparalleled variety of goods and services. If your goods and services are ready for export or you do not know where to deliver your product. Do not worry, just call us.



We are in different industries.



We are active in many countries.

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Are you going to take practical steps to export your products / services?

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