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To start marketing you need to know the exact market information. This will help you have more time for marketing efforts.
Price market assessment

Services Market Evaluation Package

You can obtain the information you need to decide on the country and price of your products using any of the services.
350 $

Quick market review

If you are looking to export your products to the market of your country, just ask us.

59 $

Packaging Regulations

You want to know what your exporting country licenses and packaging guidelines are.

59 $

Customs regulations

Understanding the customs rules for export to your country of interest will reduce costs. Just ask us.

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Export licenses

The list of licenses and certificates you need to export to your country of interest. This package introduces the required licenses.

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Volume Import & Export

Obtain information on the volume of import and export of your product to make it easier to select the destination country.


Answer your questions about Mahan Price market assessment

If you want to get into the export field, your most important concern is success at a lower cost. But this goal is not possible without knowing the market of your country. Knowing the permits, customs rules, tariffs, shipping costs as well as the volume of export imports will help you in choosing the right country for your business. Using the above services will save you time and money.

There are many questions in mind when you are trying to export your goods or services. Like which country is appropriate? What is the price of my products there? How much does it cost me to ship there? Need export for that country? And hundreds more questions.

The answer is market valuation. But will valuation affect my business in the future? Your answer is yes. Because for export you have to choose the most appropriate country based on your ability. Choosing the right one will dramatically reduce the cost of exporting and promoting your products and helping you choose the type of strategy you want to enter your country’s market.

To evaluate the market, all you need to do is buy your own package. We have tailored your needs for best evaluation in small packages. You can choose the right one depending on your needs and questions.

Accurate understanding of the target market is based on the principle of supply and demand. To choose your target market, you need to know whether the target country of choice wants your product. And whether your target market is an import or export country. For a detailed examination of the target market, the business statistics of the target country should be explored and the relations governing the trade of the target market assessed.

We help you answer the following questions.

Is my product suitable for this market?
Can this market accept my commodity price?
How do I make sure my product is exported to this market?
Can we find a buyer in this market?
What is the minimum and maximum amount of exports to this country?

The country of destination’s tax rates and taxes give you a clear view. You can estimate the export cost exactly. Proper pricing can drive your growth.

We help you answer the following questions.

What is the target market tariff rate?
Is there a nearby tariff code to reduce export costs?
How much are the tariffs and taxes?
Does our export tariff differ from other countries?

Knowing the licenses required to export products before taking any export action can help you in selecting the target country and spending different costs in the export process.

We help you answer the following questions.
What licenses do I need for export?
What is the cost of different licenses for my product?
How do I know about licenses that are not required for export?
What is the process for obtaining permits?

Quick market surveys include consumer market status, SWOT table and competitor recognition.