Enter the market of the target country, with the initial assessment of the market

The feasibility service for product or service helps you understand how to discover prices and how your entry strategy works. It’s a powerful tool for entering the global marketplace and receiving international orders.

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Through its international advisors and partners, Mahan examines the possibility of entering your product into the market of the country, by analyzing market conditions and implementing a series of trading measures. And the best country introduces the goal.

The most important steps in the feasibility service that are being done for your product

  • Check your product market competitors
  • Check the volume of imports and exports
  • Analysis of insurance and shipping conditions
  • Developing an appropriate market entry strategy
  • Conditions of licenses and certificates
  • Review tariffs and taxes
  • Check packaging and design rules

Feasibility service
What aids your business?

The feasibility service helps you to manage your business risk by choosing the appropriate country and the cost of admission to the export market and export your product in the shortest possible time.

How do i make my products
Feasible with Mahan?


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Select the product from the bottom of the page and complete the payment process.


Access panel

Once you have purchased your access to the Mahan Trading System Panel, you can send your product information to Mahan.


Get reports

Mahan, using your colleagues and experts, examines your products and introduces the country with the appropriate purpose along with a special report.

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market competitors
volume of imports and exports
insurance and shipping condition
Conditions of licenses and certificate
Review tariffs and tax
Check packaging and design rules

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