Invest in your time and find more customers.

It takes a lot of time and money to market and find new customers, especially in new markets. However, Mahan will pave the way for you to reach these markets and communicate with your customers.

Reach to your best audiences on a global scale

Finding good customers in new markets is one of the most challenging problems facing business owners. With the help of communication and experience in the Middle East markets, Mahan can build a stable relationship between you and your customers efficiently and quickly.

Why is Mahan Marketing useful for businesses?

Outsourcing; use organizations and individuals who sell and sell at a lower cost.
“Brian Tracy”

Everything you need to know about Mahan’s customer service!

Mahan prepares information for your products in the form of a standard postcard, and it broadcasts it through its communication channels between thousands of active business people and international traders. At the end of the information period, Mahan will provide you with up to 5 potential customers for your final product negotiations.


Reduce product Marketing costs

Find your customer without spending any additional expenses on non-mandatory travel and exhibitions.

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Reduce product Marketing time

Quickly find your customer with the help of Mahan’s channels of communication.


Broad access to customers

Find your customer anywhere in the world without the language and location limitations.

How does Mahan help you?

By relying on the experience and facilities of our marketing network, we create a bridge between you and the business activists and promote your business in the Middle East market. After receiving information from you, we will introduce five distributors and merchants who are interested in your products or services so you can start a new journey to the new market.


Looking for potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners overseas? We can save you valuable time and money by identifying prospects that match your needs without having to travel to the market.