why Mahan 

A marketing platform for business growth

If you are looking for marketing, recruiting and using expert marketers or finding a reliable customer in the rich countries of the Middle East, you can have all of this in the Mahan Marketing Platform, which can market your products simultaneously in the Middle East countries.


Broad marketing network

 We have brought a network of marketers and sales experts from different Middle Eastern countries together, which, by employing the most up-to-date marketing methods, facilitates and helps business to access the Middle East market.

why mahan?!

Using this network, you can shorten your access route to Middle Eastern markets.

Marketing in the Middle East

Smart Investment

Increase your pace to penetrate new markets. By using our communications in the Middle East markets, we shorten your entering time. The ea system helps you to create your relation and enter your products to the market with minimum cost, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars to create relation with economic agents and buyers in the Middle East markets.

Marketing in the Middle East

Marketing in the Middle East

Business Information Security

Corporate data security is critical to us. We surely protect our customers’ information and maintain and develop our infrastructure in cooperation with skillful security experts.”

Customer Validation

Evaluating the client’s credit in global markets plays a crucial role in reducing the risk in trade and obtaining a long-term contract.  By checking financial power and technical evaluations, we examine your client’s real credibility.

Grow faster.

With Buster, make achieving buyers for your products faster and boost your income. With the help of Buster, you can promote your conversion rates and increase your required business productivity. The bm system help you to get your international clients at the lowest cost, instead of spending thousands of dollars to establish the marketer recruiting representative office and so on.

How to start?

Step One

Buy the your package

Get the basic package in the first step. If you want to speed up the customer attraction process, get the Buster package as well.

Step Two

Upload information

Fill the purchase form and after approving the order, enter the Mahan Trading System and upload your company information and products.

Step Three

Follow the reports and developments.

According to the timing of each project, you will be presented with reports and marketing results in the panel. You can stay in touch with the experts in your dashboard.

Join the big Mahan family now and start exporting.

1 /Month



Agreement / commission
Middle East
Monthly 219 Euro

1 /Month


Marketer in the Middle East
Accelerate in absorption
Presence in 15 countries
Close competition
Wide access

Monthly 649 Euro