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Mahan helps companies and investors in various fields to earn a profit in the new markets. In Mahan , we are looking to build honest and mutual relationships based on long-term relationships. We help sellers and buyers around the world to have a clearer picture of their market position. Based on our mission, we are building partnerships with potential and interested partners in various fields and welcoming the presence of new people.Our mission is to deliver consultancy services to entrepreneurs, small to large corporations and International Import/Export traders on how to take advantage of the growing business opportunities available in World. We do this by combining successful business models with our native experience in sales, marketing and logistics .We offer a variety of services, including: facilitating the export of goods, providing education and advice in the field of exports and imports, introducing investment opportunities in World, creating promotional campaigns in news agencies and media, managing your exhibitions in World, selling products You ,Introduction of Commercial Partners in World.

Product marketing

Think about the World

Mahan puts your products and services at the World market for customers. Mahan can also supply and send you the products you need from the World market at competitive prices.With the help of our tools and communications, we will make you closer to your goals.

Country admission

all countries

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goods and services


Import / Export / Investment

Specialty activities

Selling and agency


Create an exhibition

Negotiation to obtain a booth
and set up an exhibition in World


Business Partner

Establish an agency in the World
market and introduce merchants
to buy your products


Sales and promotions

Selling your products as
B2B, B2C and advertising
in the media

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With the help of various services, Mahan helps you achieve your goals.
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Mahan, with extensive access to merchants and suppliers of goods and advertising media in World, can help you in providing effective solutions. With the access to a large network of chain stores and online, we can sell your products and services on the World market. By establishing a club from suppliers of goods and services, Mahan can meet the raw materials and products you want and evaluate your potential partners in the World market. This will help you to easily access the global market.