Mahan Commercial Services (Blue Rabbit Platform)

Mahan Co. is ready to provide commercial services to all activists in the fields of manufacturing and services around the world, based on its international capabilities and access to databases. You can use any of our services. .


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Export based on commission

You can, with the cooperation of Mahan, export your products / services on a commission-wide basis around the world. And save on your time and money. This service is offered on a limited basis.

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The main concern of manufacturers in the field of customer engagement and continuous product sales. Mahan has provided marketing services to address the concerns of its international clients. For more information on the features of this service, click on the button below.


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Business negotiations

If you have lost your final customer and you have reached deadlock in negotiations, do not worry. Mahan experts can prepare contracts on your desk as soon as possible. Just give your information to the Mahan team.

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Price discovery

Price discovery is a must before any action is taken. If you do not correctly estimate the price of your products, you can lose good profit. An accurate assessment of your product’s price on the market can help your buyer and product line development.


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Business Consulting

Share your concerns and questions with us. Getting information before any action can keep your potential loss safe. In Mahan, we provide a wide range of services to help protect your property.

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International Advertising

To develop your brand and create value in the global market your brand more visible to the audience to grow. Mahan provides the opportunity to access millions of customers through its reputable media.


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Initial market assessment

Accurate understanding of the target market for exports can play a significant role in your planning and investment. If you are looking for an initial review of your product admission to the target market, you can use this service.

Mahan services
Marketing research

Understanding the needs of each market and how consumers behave is vital. The presence on the new market requires information. This information will help you design your entry strategy for that market.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

To answer general questions that many of our colleagues and partners in many areas have from us over the past few years, we have gathered a collection that answers many of the common questions about Mahan’s services.
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