Accurate assessment of product price

Acquiring accurate information on the price of a commodity on the international market is very important in order to provide sales promotions and calculations of export costs, and plays a key role in exporting goods. Therefore, Mahan is using its experts and information resources to provide Price discovery services make the business owners aware of the goal of pricing goods or services in the market.

What is the key advantage of price extraction?

Extracting and discovering the price of a product is an equation that transmits to you what form of pricing can you gain from the market share. Evaluating the price discovery of elements in the price of products and examining their impact. Also, the market entry strategy depends on price discovery.

How does price discovery help me?

Discovery Price protects your profit. If you provide the product correctly, you can have a customer with a long-term contract. With a fair and competitive price, we can have a larger share of the target market.


How to start?

Step One

Select the service.
Choose a package based on the size and type of company. Then sign in to the purchase and make a payment.

Step Two

Upload your information.
Enter your product information in the Mahan system.

Step Three

Get the results in the shortest time.
Results progress in the shortest possible time, get in the system.